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.. The world stoped turnin' around.. Yea, i kinda miss my boyfriend now.. I've almost never seen him this summer, but okey. Welcome to my newest blog, on http://myblog.de. I just figured out that i had to make one, because everyone elses has. And i've choosen self to write in english, because than many others know what im writing ;- ) . Now im hoocked on "Scorpions- When you came into my life" , and you should really take time to listening at the song, because the text is like, Amazing : o. And yea, i haven't decided a layout yet, so i just chose one now. Just for have one ^_^. I'll try to be updating this blog very often, but people.. I can't promise anything yet :b. Now i've been sick for 4-5 days, only threwing up and so on, so im not that kinda person who wants to do so much, when im sick .. ! tomorrow or Monday, im going to a store, for buying a 'pregnancytest', just in case for being sure if im / or not pregnant !! Soo, just look around people, and please write in my guestbook ^_^

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7.9.08 01:07

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(12.2.13 22:05)
Hello! cakaaae interesting cakaaae site! I'm really like it! Very, very cakaaae good!

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