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~ New layout, but read this.

Okey, now in the last time i've only changed the layouts on the blog. But now, i've figured out that im goung to fix the whole site, before the weekend, because than im traveling home to France, to my grandmother :'D .
~ And guys ? Im pregnant again ;$. I took the test, and it were positive against me. But, im going to update this site very much, before the birth soo ^_^ . The baby comes in June , and Sammy are becoming an Big brother !! People thinks im too young to be a mother, but you know what ? I love the role being a mother. It gets me soo active. It drives me away for being drunk & having sex all the time. And you know what ?! Sex is not everything in this world.

You're life is about enjoying youre lifetime, to take care of them you really care about. I've learned alot, since my mother died. And you know what ? That is one of the hardest things in my life, which has happend to me. And since my dad became in the jail, i had to refresh myself, go through thoughts i haven't even thinked about i had.. But you see now, im waiting my second baby under one year. But damn you have to take grip, its not only only to have kids. I have them because i care about them, because they are a part of me. Like, before i got Sammy, i were like.. Very scared for that he didn't come to like me.. But you see now.. When you are pregnant, its this bond who is getting thighted to the mother and the baby. You don't know the unknown person yet, but you know that, this is you're other part of respect, love, fights, and so on. But, one thing is, that.. What i've learned, is that.. You wont come long in you're life, if youre just giving up. I were like, almost giving up, but damn not! I got Sammy, learned how to handle my life, without my parents.. And now im an alone mother, have a job. And, im lucky. Just the way as i am now ^_^ .
10.9.08 23:58

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connie amalie (11.9.08 00:11)
Leaving to France .. Hm, Im gonna miss you so damn much "/ <3 But I hope you have a great time there! :'D

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