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~ 11 of September. R.i.p :/

Hellow guys :'] .
I've almost not been sleeping tonight, i've been sick & stuff.. So i ditched school. Now im watching Saw 2, and its pretty scary, but i'll survive ^_^ . Im not gonna blog so damn much today, as i did this night. Buuut..

~ 11 OF SEPTEMBER, today. And its 7 years since the 'death' of thw twintowers were. Im so sad for the people who stood the people near, they who died. I don't know what they feel, or even do on this day.. But, i know how hard it is to loose someone you really really loves !! I lost my mum, on my birthday, last year (December 01th, 2007). And i still cry everytime i think of her. I can even remember what she said to me.. "Evelina, When you grow up, you'll get a wonderful man, and many kids". Just a few months after my mum was dead, i got my son, Sammy. He is one of the reasons why im here today. I try everything to lie bad thoughts behind me, but its hard. And i hope you guys understands me. You guys who haven't lost one of you're parents / both. should be really happy. Because... Parents is the most important 'buddys' you have around you. You may think that.. It is really embarressing to bring you're mother, or youre father in shopingsenters, etc. But later, when you grow a littlebit more up, you'll understand that what they are meaning. They just want you to grow up in a lovley world, just as what my mum wanted with me. But also one thing is clear ; The world isn't fear. Just remember it !!
11.9.08 16:52

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