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~ Evelina Montez.

~ Evelina Natacha Montez, is my name. Im born in France, december 01th 1992. My mum is dead, and my dad is in jail. I have no other silblings, just a son atm. Im 15 years old, but sooner or later im turning 16 :b. Im the kind of person who likes to get in better touch with other people. And you can trust me 110% and more, if you really feel for it. My son is born April 06th 2008, and you can read more about him here :-] .Im 1.65 high, and my weight is, 55 kg's. Yeea, My bestfriend, i can tell, is Connie. She is the most adorablest girl in the whole intired world ;*, And thats why i love her <3. I got Bebo, vampirefreaks , and so on. But i never use them, if you find my pictures on other sites, you'll know for sure that they are fake.


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