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~ Sammy Orlando Montèz.

April 06th, 2008 is this's boy's date. He is my real son. And i love him of everything in this creepy world. Sammy has really changed my life, but still he is a baby, and changed my life. You know, having a baby is like, a pretty big responsebility over many things. And its soo much which is fitting in. Like, im going at a gymnasium, but still i have to find someone who can take care of Sammy when im at gymnasium. When im finished there, is the first thing i do is getting Sammy home, for feeding him, changing dipers and so on. Sammy is my baby angel. The angel who's saved me from soo much stupid things.

April 06th 2008, Was the hardest day / night for me. I can't remember so much from it, because i were scared, and so on. I was only 15 years when i got him, soo !! And the birth started Saturday, April 05th 2008 , 13:55, and ended April 06th , 00:34 or something. But i'll promise, that is the worst night i've ever been through. And i've promissed myself that i'll never get kids again, but i've changed my mind.. ^_^ .


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