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~ Connie Amalie Gullerud ♥.

Connie ?, for telling you the true storry.. So, is that ; I've never had a bestfriend like you, and im seriouse, everyone i've been bestfriend with has told my secrets to other and stuff or turned their back against me. But you honey, i feel i have you there when i need you. And i love it, i love to feel that i really can trust you.

~ December 06th 2007, is one of my bestest days in my life, or.. Its the best day in my life. I never actaully, belived i could be bestfriend with you, and you know what ? It happened, and i fucking love you. Now i realized really, how important it is to have a bestfriend you can trust, and never let go. Because i'll never let you go, Never !! At times when im never online on msn, i freaky miss you, but everytime i talk with you, im just.. fucking happy ;$ . Connie, you are my lifesaver <3 , and i pleasure that i know where i have you ;$ <3


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